Human tissue models with customized biomaterials

The objective of the project is to biologize synthetic materials using bioactive peptides to produce standardized, animal-free surfaces for use in stem cell and primary cell cultures. Specifically, various peptides will be studied for their effect on stem cells and characterized and classified by the expertise of the polymer researchers at the Max Planck Institute, under the project leadership of Dr. Christopher Synatschke.

Based on this, new peptides with improved bioactivity will be created and tested for their use in cell culture. Successfully validated peptides will then be used to biologize synthetic materials, which will be tested at the Fraunhofer ISC, under the project leadership of Dr. Daniela Zdzieblo to build standardized test systems. The combination of the long-standing experience of the Fraunhofer ISC staff in material science and cell biology with the expertise of the Max Planck Institute colleagues represents a promising symbiosis with significant innovative potential.

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